Our Story

Soeks Store (Soeks.Store) is a Canadian medical health provider company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that focuses in home, medical, and health equipment.

Soeks.Store was founded by two young professionals on July 5, 2016, and started as a medical CPAP provider and has later diversified to sell test detectors (Nitrate Tester, Dosimeter, EMF meter, TDS meter), health equipment, medical devices, and health care products.

Our company offers products and services that have been researched extensively and will provide these alternative solutions. We hope this information will help improve and support your quality of life.

Our Story - Soeks.Store

Our Mission

It is our intention to provide you with useful information that could benefit your health. In today’s world, more and more people are considering alternative solutions that are more organic. These solutions work with the body’s natural immune response to fight diseases and ailments that are affecting your health!

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